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At Gem Stove and Fireplace we offer all the best super hardwood pellets year round. Made by top quality pellet manufactures guaranteed to keep you warm all winter long. We sell by 22lbs bags, 40lbs bags or 1 ton pallets.

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Barefoot Pellets are a blend of 100% hardwoods. Our sawdust comes from our own facilities or from another facility that has passed our stringent testing procedures. Barefoot is now available in two sizes for your convenience. We carry the standard 40lb. bag and now we carry a 23.8lb. bag.
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Our premium pellets contain the right wood mixture to produce very high heat with little ash. Lauzon controls the wood pellet mills that convert leftover residue into wood pellets. This high level of oversight during the manufacturing process ensures the production of quality pellets. The use of wood residues for pellet production demonstrates Lauzon’s significant commitment to the environment through environmentally sustainable practices.

Pellets are available in the 22lb and 40 lb bags.

Smoke Ring BBQ pellets were created with restaurateurs and competitive BBQ teams in mind. They are manufactured only with the labeled species of wood. This factor allows professionals and amateurs confidence in a consistent smoke. We look forward to providing restaurants, competition teams, and BBQ enthusiasts with the highest level of customer service along with the highest quality BBQ pellet at an affordable price.