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In 1927, Charles Lindbergh flew the Atlantic and Heatilator introduced the first factory-built air-circulating fireplace. The brand name quickly became a household word-the “first name in fireplaces.”

Even today, many consumers refer to any heat-circulating fireplace as a Heatilator. But once they’ve owned a genuine Heatilator, they’ll know the difference.

Not only is Heatilator the most widely recognized name, but thanks to their long-standing reputation for quality and reliability, Heatilator is also the preferred brand among homebuilders. Leading builders choose Heatilator because they know that the brand assures their customers many, many years of comfort and reliability.

Beyond just safe, reliable and attractive, Majestic products are built to be efficient, quality heating appliances, adding value to your home for years to come. That’s why, for decades, Majestic has been the fireplace of choice for homes across North America. They believe trust is earned, not given, and appreciate the faith you’ve shown in our brand for over 100 years.

Since 1894, Majestic has been dedicated to keeping families warm. Originally a manufacturer of cast iron furnaces and coal chutes, Majestic created its first factory built fireplace in the 1930’s and never looked back. Since then, Majestic has been producing wood and gas fireplaces known for outstanding durability, superior quality and stunning good looks.

Traditional to contemporary. Indoor or outdoor. Wood, gas or electric. With a wide range of eye-catching styles, convenient sizes and trending trims, Majestic products are designed be the beautiful heart of your home.

Each Majestic fireplace is engineered for performance, style and lasting reliability. All of our products are designed by hearth experts utilizing strict engineering guidelines, and are rigorously tested for reliability and durability. They want to be certain we are putting the best product we can into your home.

Make a welcoming statement in your home with the warmth and evolutionary style of The Marquis Collection. From classic and clean to modern and sleek, you’ll love the endless possibilities you can create! Crafted entirely in Canada, each Marquis fireplace is built to the highest standards and made to last.

Town & Country Luxury Fireplaces logo
Founded in 1978 on the West Coast of Canada, we are a division of global leader Pacific Energy Fireplace Products. With a reputation for architectural and technological innovation, we’ve made our name across North America as a leader in luxury hearths.
From humble beginnings in a small town on Vancouver Island, we’ve grown to include a cutting-edge fabrication facility, and we revolutionized the industry with the introduction of the clean-face category – fireplaces without the distraction of louvers – disproving the long-held belief that a gas fireplace could ever mimic a real-wood fire.
Today, we continue to innovate, integrating advanced features to enhance the functionality and beauty of your hearth. Step inside a showroom, and experience our fireplaces for yourself.
Enviro Gas Stoves

Designed to heat. Built to Last. For over 30 years, unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship have made Enviro Gas Inserts an industry leader in innovative heating systems. Design, functionality, and efficiency merge to create exceptional products that will exceed all expectations. Whether time-honored traditional or bold and modern, our dynamic range of products will compliment any home décor. With a complete line of line of zero-clearance fireplaces, we have the perfect solution for your heating requirements. We won’t just meet your expectations; we’ll exceed them.

Valor Logo

Miles Industries is North America’s exclusive designer, manufacturer & distributor of Valor gas and electric fireplaces. The company’s goal is to be a leader in designing and producing innovative, energy-efficient home comfort products that will satisfy homeowners throughout the United States and Canada.

Recognizing a need to bring products to market faster and more economically, Miles Industries approached Britain-based Valor Heating in 1999 and recommended that products for Canada and the US be manufactured in North America. The two organizations signed a long-term agreement in 2001, granting Miles the right to design and manufacture Valor-branded products for the US and Canada.

Valor has perfected radiant heat technology, creating fireplaces which generate constant, comfortable warmth.